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Horns Let One Get Away Against Missouri

Kyle Russell hit two more home runs but Texas dropped their series opener to Missouri, 7-6. Frankly, it was a game Texas shouldn't have lost. The 'Horns wasted a solid outing from James Russell, who pitched six innings, allowing just five hits and two runs to score. But Texas' luck ran out in the seventh, as Joseph Krebs and Randy Boone allowed four Tigers to score to take a 6-3 leead.

After getting a groundout to start the inning, Krebs allowed two singles and a walk to load the bases. Boone relieved Krebs, promptly walked in a run, then allowed three more to score on a single and a sacrifice fly.

The 'Horns would rally to tie the game at six in the bottom of the ninth, but eventually lost it in the eleventh inning when Missouri scored an unearned run off a Preston Clark throwing error.

What to make of this game? It was an unusual one. Randy Boone, who had walked six batters in 53 innings of work this season, walked in a run. Joseph Krebs, who was lights out in relief in Stillwater last weekend, melted down. The Longhorns, normally one of the most solid defensive clubs in the nation, gave up the winning run on a throwing error.

In short: it wasn't Texas' night. The best teams in baseball still lose 20 percent of their games. This one just got away from the 'Horns.

It didn't help, either, that Nick Peoples went 0-6 with five men left on base in the leadoff spot. In fact, the leadoff position has been the kiss of death for Texas' batters of late. It's just been a bit of a fluky anomaly, and it hurt Texas a lot last night.

So it goes in baseball, and the 'Horns will try to get back on the winning track this afternoon at the Disch. Adrian Alaniz will take the mound for Texas at 2:00 today.