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Morning Coffee

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Today's Headlines: Mike Griffin to CB, Kinne Shut Down, Crazy Parents, Why My Daughter Will Live In A Cave

In a move that's surprising a lot of people, including me, the Tennessee Titans are moving Michael Griffin to cornerback. I was under the impression he didn't quite have the speed for that at the next level, though Griffin seems to be one of those guys who can do anything he sets his mind to. Big boost for Tennessee if it works.

Still, as ESPN's Todd McShay notes, the Titans blew it by not drafting a playmaker to help out Vince on offense.

Orangebloods notes that incoming freshman QB prospect GJ Kinne contracted mononucleosis and is shut down from football for a while. Almost guaranteed to redshirt this year anyway, it shouldn't be too big a deal.

People do crazy sh-t for their babies. Hey, I love Texas like a lot, but this seems excessive.

Speaking of babies, if I have a girl, she's not going to college. (NSFW)