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Morning Coffee Welcomes DeSean Hales To Austin

Klein, Texas wide receiver DeSean Hales announced this evening his commitment to attend Texas ($). Hales, #73 on the national Rivals100 and #5 in the Lone Star Recruiting 100, joins Dan Buckner (#8 on the LSR 100) to give Texas a fearsome 1-2 wide receiver combo in the 2008 class. Frankly, it's pretty ridiculous how loaded Texas is at wide receiver - both in the present and future.

Sticking with recruiting, the nation's top prospect, Pennsylvania quarterback Terrelle Pryor, has narrowed his list of schools to 11 and Texas is among his choices. Along with the 'Horns, Pryor lists Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan, Alabama, Florida, West Virginia, Penn State, Tennessee, Georgia Tech and Michigan Sate. With over 75 scholarship offers, Pryor said he was tiring of all the commotion from schools he wasn't seriously considering. Thus, the decision to narrow the field.

When asked if he was leaning toward staying close to western Pennsylvania, Pryor responded, "I'm not worried about staying close to home. In fact, I want to get out and see new things and meet new people. That is what college is about. I'm planning on taking some unofficial visits and camping at a few schools this year. That would give me a good chance to work with the quarterback coach and see how we mesh."

The other big thing with Pryor is that he's a hoops star, as well, and won't consider any school which wouldn't let him play both sports. That's not something you usually see at Texas, but after Vince Young took Texas to the top of the college football universe in 2005, something tells me Mack Brown wouldn't hesitate to let the guy everyone's pegging as the next Vince Young do whatever he pleases.

And hey, as far as I'm concerned: bring in Rick Barnes on this. The guy knows a thing or two about landing blue chippers from the north.

The Longhorn coaches have reacted to the Webb and Watts transfers by re-opening their offensive line recruiting. Rivals is reporting that Nebraska offensive lineman Bryce Givens has received an offer from Mack Brown, and though the state's top tackle prospect is already committed to the Huskers, he's interested enough in Texas to come to Austin for a visit this summer. Givens' teammate, safety Nolan Brewster, has already committed to Texas.

No surprise here: Robert Joseph has been suspended from the team indefinitely by Mack Brown following his arrest Saturday night. Final judgment on Joseph's future won't come until after the legal proceedings play out. In the meantime, Joseph won't be taking part of any team functions.

And last, but not least, a big hat tip to the other Andrew who sent me one of the single greatest pictures I've seen in my entire life. All Hail one of PB's top three favorite Longhorns of all time: Casey Hampton.

Yes, I think that's an entire bottle of Belvedere in his left hand. And a double Hook 'Em.