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This Shall Not Pass

Offseason ridiculousness continues with round two of the Blogger Bracket.

Round One Summary: I got paired against an Aggie. He talked shit on BON. He lost. I left him a giant STFU at Holly's blog - just look for the siren. (No, it's not safe for work if you have the audio on, which you'll need for the full effect. No, don't let your kids anywhere near it. Hell, it wasn't safe enough to fall within the BON Community Guidelines. You've been warned.)

Round Two: Just go vote in droves so I don't have to bug you about this anymore. Voting is here.

And why should you bother? Other than so I'll leave you alone?

Because there's an 80% chance that my opponent is one of the dudes in the picture below.

You gonna let me lose to a guy who gels his hair?

I didn't think so. Take a stand. Go vote.