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Here's To Hoping TCU Is Ranked

Mack Brown arrived at Texas nine years ago. Obviously, that's nine games against OU.

Mack's record in those nine games? 4-5.

Not at all to my surprise (or my Dad's, who's been making this point for years), Texas' four wins came in years in which their non-conference schedule included a ranked opponent. In each of Mack Brown's five losses to OU, the 'Horns non-conference schedule hasn't included a Top 25 team.

We're talking about a small sample size here, and this isn't exactly a Rule, but it's worth noting. And while 54b and billyzane sort of closed the book on scheduling talk for now, I just hope TCU is a good team. And a ranked good one. If history is any indication, we'll be that much better off on October 6th.