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Morning Coffee Needs Some Good News

Let's face it, there is no Texas news. Except for the bits that there are. Which have all sucked ass. I forget who said it in the comments but let me echo them: "Can June end already?"

In an effort to improve my, and maybe your, spirits, today's Morning Coffee is devoted solely to things I find pleasing.

Like BearMeat, the best blog about an irrelevant university you'll ever find. It also happens to be one of the best blogs you'll find, period. Not familiar with our friends in Waco? Start with the BearMeat glossary. After your eyeballs get worn out, or you tire from laughing, check out the May 22 rebroadcast of EDSBS LIVE, in which I asked BearMeat to name an overrated hottie. His answer, which you can find with about 17:30 minutes left in the program, is one of the funniest answers - to any question - ever.

Speaking of EDSBS LIVE, it's Tuesday, which means we fire up a new show tonight at 6:30 CT. Tonight's topic? Big 12 football. We've got Chip Brown from the Dallas Morning News and Seth from Double T Nation, with the rest of the hour and a half devoted to callers. Which better include some BON'ers.

Sticking with the "things which please me" theme, I had a freaking blast in Barcelona. My only regret? I wasn't in town during a soccer weekend. Like, can you imagine if I'd been in town for this?

Oh, and SMQ is back at his hub after a real life interruption. All is right in the world.

Bah, indulge me.