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Thou Shall Not Covet Thy...

Ah, screw it. The commandments can take a backseat for a little while. After all, this is football we're talking about.  

As I look up and down Texas' two-deep, I'm straight coveting some of my neighbors' assets. Hey, this is a loaded Longhorn roster, but let's face it, there's some holes to fill. At the very least, some very big question marks.

So play along with me and give me the five Big 12 players who would help Texas the most in 2007.

Yemi Babalola, OT, Texas A&M The transfers of J'Marcus Webb and Roy Watts leave Texas paper thin at tackle this season, even with the young talent that's headed up the pipeline. For 2007, though, adding a tackle of Bablola's caliber would be a tremendous boost to a questionable line.

George Robinson, OG, Oklahoma If Texas is a little bit thin at tackle, they're positively unknown at guard, where Cedric Dockery tries to return from knee surgery, and Chris Hall and Charlie Tanner battle for a starting job. Robinson would easily start on the 2007 line for Texas and add some much needed stability to the biggest question mark heading into fall practice.

Jorvorskie Lane, RB, Texas A&M Michael Goodson's the special talent, but is superfluous with Jamaal Charles around. Lane, though, could be the short-yardage back Texas so desperately needed in 2006. Third and short? Toss a cheeseburger across the line-to-gain and send the big boy after it.

Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas The very fact that Ryan Palmer or Brandon Foster might start for Texas at cornerback qualifies this as an urgent and immediate team need. And it'd be tough to nab anyone better than Talib, who would be on more All-American radars if he played for a better team. The Jayhawks are reportedly tinkering with using him on offense in '07, too. Kid can burn.

Reggie Smith, S, Oklahoma With Robert Joseph's departure, Texas is too thin at safety. Marcus Griffin is solid, but flawed. Drew Kelson is making his fourth(!) position change in as many years, Erick Jackson is a fifth-year senior who has never started, and the young guys need seasoning. Let's face it: it's a team need.

We'll get into the Texas team in great detail over the coming months, but this is a pretty tidy summary of where Texas needs help. Just looking at the question marks, you can already see how dependent this team is going to be on Colt McCoy putting up points.

Your turn: some additional suggestions on Big 12 players who'd help the 'Horns?