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Morning Coffee Is Not Hot

The Oden-Durant draft chatter is heating up, but I find myself unexpectedly disinterested. Since the only drama involves whether Durant goes one or two, the only fans who should be tense about this thing are Trailblazer supporters.

Speaking of which, the 'Blazers official website is polling readers on who they want the franchise to draft (HT: 40AS)

On the one hand, I suppose such a poll isn't the world's worst idea. To beat a dead horse: I've long argued that the Houston Texans made the worst draft decision in sports history when they passed on Vince Young and Reggie Bush.

Yet, that's not really a great comparison, as both Durant and Oden will sell tickets. Given that, what's the point of polling the fans? Aren't you handcuffing yourself, to some extent, if the fans vote heavily for the player other than the one you ultimately decide is best for you? I can understand throwing up a little poll in the corner of your team site, but to have your welcome page a gigantic fan poll billboard seems more than a little myopic.

Kevin Durant may not be worrying about his NBA future, but former standout PJ Tucker is.'s Andy Katz recently profiled Tucker's current situation, detailing his struggle to latch on in Toronto and the potential road back to the NBA.

From the moment he arrived at Texas, I had a soft spot for Tucker. His soft hands, fierce hustle, and uncanny scoring ability around the rim made him one of the most endearing Longhorn players in recent memory. AW and I thought he'd have trouble making it in the NBA until he extended his range another 5-8 feet. Though undersized, he's got NBA skills in every other facet of the game. He should have stayed at Texas another year and spent every waking hour improving his jumper. He might not be in the position he is today. Regardless, nothing but best wishes for Tucker from BON.

54b mentioned in a diary that the Texas Sports PR team was working overtime to inflate the accomplishments of the university's big three sports. I didn't click through 54b's link, but did wander over to MB-TF this evening, and sure enough, there it is, the lead story on the front page.

54b's right that it's a lame bit of chest thumping - even for a PR department - but the real disappointment is that they bumped an actual worthy news release from the top in the process. So, instead of highlighting Mack Brown's appearance at an anti-domestic abuse function, we get a nancy pants puff piece on why we shouldn't be disappointed with the Alamo Bowl, a second round hoops exit, and a loss in our home regional of the baseball playoffs.

A milestone indeed.

Speaking of embarrassing second round exits... a more heartwarming story of personal validation. Yes, your humble blog author was thoroughly thrashed in his Hot Blogger Bracket in round two, but he knows, once and for all, that you're not just reading for his looks.

Unlike 54b, this blogger's glass is always half full. Have a great Thursday, boys and girls.