Roddick Rocks London!

Austin resident Andy Roddick finally pulled together a good string of games here in London this week, and won the title at the Artois Championships at Queens Club today in an amazing 3-set final (tie-breaks in the last two) over unheralded Nicolas Mahut.  This was a much better result than the French Open, where he went out in the first round.


I was lucky enough to get a returned ticket for Centre Court for Andy's semi-final victory over Dmitri Tursonov, and also got to watch Andy warming up on one of the side courts before the match, with his legendary coach Jimmy Connors at his side. If none of you have ever seen Andy live, you just have no idea how amazing his serving motion is. It's like a machine - an absolute blinding flash of motion and power that looks like a blur to the naked eye.  Never seen anything like it.  It's unbelievable that anyone can ever return one of them.

So this wasn't Wimbledon, but it was still great fun to actually go to a live sporting event that most of us would only have seen on TV before. Nothing like attending the two Rose Bowl games, but it's yet another sporting venue to tick off my list of "must see" in person.

In the comments section, I'd be interested to hear from other BON'ers about places you'd like to go to watch sports before you die.  On my list is a National Championship game at the Orange Bowl (Texas demolishing Notre Dame too much to ask?), Michigan home game (maybe one day, against the Horns???) and a soccer game at Wembley here in London, among many others.

Let's just hope Andy can carry this momentum into the real thing in two weeks.  And I hope I'm just as lucky with getting tickets there!

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