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Morning Coffee Is Global

Beginning this fall, Texas Longhorns athletics will be available just about anywhere in the world, thanks to a recent deal brokered between the University and XM Satellite Radio. Channel 241 of XM Satellite Radio will be devoted to the Longhorns each Saturday. The broadcast company also announced that it would carry roughly 75 percent of basketball games.

Despite my enthusiasm for satellite radio since its inception, I've yet to find myself in a situation where I'm commuting enough to justify purchasing the product. As XM continues to rack up the sports broadcast deals, though, it's becoming an increasingly attractive product. It's reach is so vast now that, even without a commute situation on my horizon, I'd think about purchasing the product for home use.

I think I suck at YouTube. For some time now, I've been looking for the 4th and 18 VY run against Kansas in 2005, but never found it. 40AS did, though, so enjoy the clip.

40AS notes that you could argue that the Kansas game paved the way for the 2006 national championship, and I concur. Without that win, Texas doesn't go to the '05 Rose Bowl. And I firmly believe that Texas' odds of beating USC in Pasadena lessen dramatically without the experience of the previous year.

Peter King ranks the NFL's quarterbacks, with this to say about Vince Young:

Want my upset specials in the top 10? Try Vince Young and Jon Kitna. Young's the most feared young player in football right now. More feared than Reggie Bush. He ran for nearly as many touchdowns last year (seven) as Mike Vick has rushed for in the last two years (eight).

I wonder what King's basis is for the "most feared" comment. Not that I don't believe him.

Briefly: the Atlanta Hawks online home asked me to profile Acie Law... 'Bama and Tennessee fans should be all over RBR and RTT, who are getting into great college football discourse already... College baseball fans should stop by Building The Dam (Jake's in Omaha) and Corn Nation for fixes. Card Chronicle and Carolina March are also following closely...