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Countdown To Football Season: 74 Days

Our daily countdown to the return of Texas football continues with yet another reason to love the fall in Austin.

Lest there be any confusion: all this talk of promising to elevate the discourse does not universally apply.

For those who misunderstand, this is a call for smarter football talk than you'll find on the average message board. If you dare, go read the TexAgs forums. It's a sad collection of "tu sucks" and chatter about a game that doesn't exist in reality. It's almost all garbage.

You can find plenty of that on various 'Horns message boards, too. Frankly, though, I like the tone of the conversation around here better. Does that mean we're going to suddenly cease railing on Sooners and Aggies? Of course not.

This is still a fan site, above all else. And have fun, we shall. But when we talk about the actual football, we're going to strive for objectivity as much as possible.

No need to turn in your OU Sucks cards.