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Morning Coffee Wishes Gary Johnson The Best

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I got a text last night from AW as I was (drunkenly) crawling in bed to read. "GARY JOHNSON HAS HEART CONDITION MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY." Sure enough, BZ's got it in the diaries.

For now, my thoughts go to Gary and his health. If he needs to quit hoops to ensure there are no problems, that's the priority. As far as his future, his former coach in Houston said we're in a "wait-and-see situation." We'll provide updates as they become available. Best to Gary in the meantime.

Mrs. O was nice enough to send me some action shots from Cat Osterman's professional debut (click thumb on right to enlarge), along with some updates. Cat recently finished filming a second Under Armour commercial - a five-athlete spot in which the softball player has a speaking line - set for a run during the World Cup of Softball on ESPN and ESPN2 in July. If any young softball players are reading, Cat's signature bat is now available for purchase from DeMarini.

Team sources tell the Statesman that both Kyle Russell and Preston Clark are leaning towards returning to Austin next season. Fingers crossed...

Briefly: Arkansas State may not be the Indians by game time September 1st... The Georgia bloggers are running with the "Thou Shall Not Covet" meme... A Sea Of Blue is breaking down Billy Gillispie... Jake thinks Erin Andrews is crushing on him... SMQ's got the review on Iowa State football for '07... If you missed last night's show, the EDSBS LIVE rebroadcast is up.