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Morning Coffee Is Missing KD Again

I've noted on a couple occasions that I don't care much whether Kevin Durant gets drafted first or second. I suspect that's true for a lot of us, if only because: KD was only around for one year, he didn't go on a magical postseason run, and he's gonna be drafted first to the Blazers or second to the Sonics. It's hard to get too worked up.

With that said, I'd forgotten how much I enjoy KD the basketball player until I'd watched this highlight video. Don't bother clicking through until you've got 25 minutes on your hands; once you start the tape, it's impossible to stop. Literally a complete tour of his entire season at Texas. Elsewhere, this Oregonian article rustled loose some nostalgic feelings from my mental rafters.

It really is easy to forget that two months ago we were making all sorts of ridiculous promises on a petition if he would have stayed.

Two quick questions for you:

(1) If Vince Young had left after his sophomore year (imagine the rules allow it), would it change how you view him? To what degree is your VY love attached to what he accomplished in '05?

(2) What's KD's legacy at Texas? He won't be remembered like Vince Young, that's for sure. But he'll have some lasting impact. I'm curious what you think it'll be.

Speaking of Vince Young... Merril Hoge is almost in season. Yup, he's at it again.

I could devote a whole post to how inconsistent his answer is, but it's hardly worth it anymore.

The Star-Telegram's Wendell Barnhouse has a sensible take on revenue sharing in the Big 12. In short: forget about it. As he rightly puts it, the current system allows for revenue to be shared "equitably, not evenly." As it should be. There's no reason to allocate the same amount of money to Iowa State for football TV deals as is given to Texas. Count on Barnhouse being right about this one - it's a non-issue.

Briefly: The Burnt Orange Nation Cat Osterman interview is in the works... Oregon State trailed for only one of their 45 innings of play at the College World Series in capturing back-to-back national titles. Congratulations to Jake, who was in Omaha for the fun... There's an excellent debate brewing at Dawg Sports about the path to a football national title...