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Morning Coffee Storms Best Buy

Kevin Durant will be featured on the cover of EA March Madness 2008, in the process becoming the first-ever second Longhorn (Ricky Williams, NCAA Football 2000) and second-youngest athlete (Freddy Adu, 16) to grace the cover of an EA video game.

If you're scoring at home, that's two Longhorns (Vince Young, Madden '08) who will be smiling back at you from the game aisle this year.

The Statesman's Alan Trubow with a nice feature on Cedric Dockery, who's rehabbing from his ACL injury. If Dockery is full strength this fall, that would go a long way toward helping stabilize the shakiest line unit since Mac McWhorter's been at Texas.

Tonight's edition of EDSBS Live! will focus on the Big East. Orson's got an appropriate introduction to the conference in '07. As usual, it's better written than most everything you'll find anywhere else.