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Reader Emails

Once every couple three months, enough emails which deserve public response reach a threshold. This is one such time.

Letters are never edited. If you want to reach me, email me here. As a rule, unless instructed otherwise by the emailer him/herself, I won't include a full name.

When are you gonna admit that you were just smoking the Austin weed about Kevin Durant coming back? Remember all your "gut feelings" about him coming back?



Fan mail!

If I may respond: You hate kittens, puppies, and probably God. Okay, definitely God.

I was wrong.

PB, you've gone soft on Jamaal! What happened to thinking he was the next Emmitt Smith?

--Kevin A.--

Somewhere, Ivan Maisel is chuckling.

I may have toned down my JC hyperbole of late, but I'm not at all down on him as an elite rusher (more on this in a forthcoming post). Honestly, my reservations in hyping him up as I was have more to do with the fact that I think this needs to be a pass-first offense than me suddenly thinking JC's not up to the task.

I do think Charles is capable of being a 20-25 carries per game tailback and I think he's poised for a memorable junior season. Unlike last year, though, when Texas' offense lacked an identity, I think we've got one heading into 2007. This is a year for Colt to shred defenses with that ridiculous receiving talent and let Jamaal Charles mop the floor with the exasperated defense.

Charles may not find himself on many postseason awards lists, but I expect some silly great things from him this year. Put me down for 1,000 yards and 10 TDs, minimum.

(Oh, sh-t. To answer your question: I still think Charles has Sunday talent. He picks up blitzes, catches passes in the flat, and runs like the wind. As his strength and decisiveness improve, he'll prove himself a valuable pro commodity.)

You've got a Cat Osterman interview lined up? Awesome! Ask her what her favorite UT sport besides softball is.

Thanks Pete!

--Andrea C.--

I'll try to work that in. Let this serve also as an open thread for questions for Cat. She's been nice enough to give us some of her time; let's probe away. And try to be gentlemen, yes?