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Morning Coffee Is Straining For News

Writing these things each morning is getting harder and harder. With no actual sports to talk about, the morning run through the internet is an exercise in tedium. And repetition. You'll forgive me if, over the coming weeks, I get a bit digressive.

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ESPN's college football page is counting down 100 defining moments of college football history. Checking in at #80 is "Roll Left," a play that's no stranger to this website.

The AJC's Mark Bradley's annual predictions column ran yesterday. His pick for the BCS Title game?

"Southern Cal will play Texas for the BCS title. Southern Cal will win this time."

Hey, I'll be thrilled if we go undefeated and get a chance at that game.'s John Hollinger released a very interesting new system($) for ranking collegiate draft prospects. The formula, which he tweaked over and over until it started spitting out the right players at the top of the draft boards over the last five years, has Kevin Durant rated as the best pro prospect since 2002 (which is as far back as Hollinger's data goes). Many Longhorn fans - especially those of us who went to a lot of the games - already feel this way. I'd take KD #1 overall. Oden's boring.

Jim Caple's got 101 events every sports fan should see before they die. That's a lot of sporting there, even for a junkie. And half the list I have no interest in. I'll take 54b's list, thanks.

Brent Zwerneman of the San Antonio Express-News makes an interesting point in today's column. The Aggies have a better team than last year, but a much more difficult schedule. They could easily finish 7-5 with Fran being shown the door. And next year? The schedule gets soft again, McGee is a senior, and Michael Goodson a junior. Should Fran fail to get it done this year, that's gonna be a great job to walk into in 2008.