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OU Sucks

Oh, this will be fun. So, so much fun.

I was contacted by the editor of Touchdown Illustrated, a free college football gameday magazine which is distributed at the games of over 300 Division I, II, and III schools.

One of the new features they want to run? College football's best rivalries. And what do they want BON to do?

Provide the OU sh-t talk.

Now that is something we're good at.

I asked for some examples about how this will work, and the editor provided me with a few Michigan-Ohio State bits:

--Some historians have linked the rivalry back to the Toledo War, a border conflict between Ohio and Michigan over a 468 square mile strip, all the way back in 1835. Ohio got to keep Toledo, which is now the nation’s third-busiest rail hub. IN YOUR FACE, MICHIGAN!

--Ohio State coach Woody Hayes hated Michigan so much that he refused to spend a dime in the state ... even when his car ran out of gas, a few miles away from the Ohio border. Hayes, legend has it, pushed his car into Buckeye territory to prevent a Michigan gas station from profiting from his misfortune.

--Fan dedication? Ohio's 15th congressional district postponed elections last year until after the 2007 OSU vs. Michigan game had been played. And in case you didn’t hear about it,  Ohio won.

Frankly, that's child's play compared to what we can come up with, but you get the idea. So: land thieving, mobile homes, embarrassing moments in the rivalry for OU - it's all fair game. Throw in your nuggets in the comments below. I'll get one started:

*It's not just land thieving cheats in Oklahoma - it's the football coaches, too. After Barry Switzer left Oklahoma, he admitted to sending spies to watch Darrell Royal's practices. Why is this not surprising?

Ready, go.