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Back In The Saddle

PB is back in the U-S-of-A after a truly delightful 10-day transatlantic vacation. Almost the first thing I learned upon arriving in Austin this evening was that the Longhorns had dropped the last game to UC Irvine and were eliminated from the College World Series.

That + jet lag = temporary sour mood.

Still, it's great to be home, and hot damn there's plenty to talk about. Two offensive line transfers, a Melton Meltdown, Daniel Gibson: Playoff Hero?, 2008 recruiting news, and much more.

I couldn't possibly weigh in on it all at once, and it would be unbearably overwhelming for you. So, we'll take it in chunks.

First up tonight: the Longhorns' CWS loss, and some thoughts on the transfers of J'Marcus Webb and Roy Watts.

And before that, a giant thank you and round of applause for the gentlemen at 40 Acre Sports, as well as my brother, for tiding things over in my absence. Much appreciated, one and all.