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Quiz Answers

Answers to yesterday's trivia:

  1. Among the returning players from last year's defense, how many interceptions did they have among them in 2006?  2: one each from Marcus Griffin and Ryan Palmer
  1. Texas had 0 kickoffs returned for touchdowns in 2006.
  1. Among the returning offensive players, who had the most rushing yards gained in 2006?

(A) Jordan Shipley
(B) Colt McCoy (Melton had more net yards, but Colt had the most positive yards gained.)
(C) Chris Ogbonnaya
(D) Henry Melton

  1. Limas Sweed tied the UT single season record with 12 TDs in 2006.
  1. Which team record did Colt McCoy not set in 2006?

(A) Most touchdowns, single season
(B) Most touchdowns, single game
(C) Highest passer efficiency rating, single season
(D) Consecutive games with 2 or more touchdowns

[BONUS: Who holds the record in the category Colt did not set the new mark?] Answer: James Brown, 1994: 177.0

  1. The longest pass of the year in 2006 went for 72 yards to Jamaal Charles.
  1. Texas returns its top 7 pass catchers (in terms of receiving yards) from 2006? (In order: Sweed, Cosby, Pittman, Finley, Charles, Shipley, Jones)
  1. Rashad Bobino, Scott Derry, and Robert Killebrew combined for less than 8 quarterback hurries in 2006. (4)
  1. The player with the most tackles from the 2006 defense who returns this season is Marcus Griffin with greater than 80 tackles. (90)
  1. Jamaal Charles led the 2006 team with greater than 1000 all purpose yards. (1014)