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Morning Coffee Isn't Impressing Scouts

Longhorn baseball players Kyle Russell and Bradley Suttle were drafted in the fourth round of yesterday's MLB Draft. Russell was selected by the Cardinals, Suttle by the Yankees.

Surprisingly low draft position for both players, as compared with what analysts were projecting before the draft.  Sometime in the next couple of weeks, I'll get an interview with someone who can explain their fall. For now, we have to wonder: do they come back?

On the one hand, both probably hoped to be drafted significantly higher; on the other, both had tremendous seasons which would be hard to improve upon. They might be better off getting into the pros and starting to climb the ladder. We'll see.

Orangebloods notes that Chancey Aghayere is scheduled to visit Austin this weekend ($), though he's only a few weeks removed from knee surgery. If he comes, he'll just be visiting with coaches and will not work out.

Texas remains in his top three, along with LSU and Florida. The '08 prospect has made it known he intends to announce on or around his September 17th birthday. Interestingly, he's headed to Gainesville on the 14th of that month. That makes me nervous - Aghayere is perhaps the last "must have" of this class.

Daniel Gibson played well in Cleveland's 85-76 loss to the Spurs last night, but Cleveland looked more or less overwhelmed by the Spurs. Boobie finished with 16 points, 4 assists and 4 steals in just over 27 minutes of action, while Larry Hughes managed a meager 2 points in 23 minutes. Mike Brown may have been schooled by Gary Kubiak and the Texans: don't go with the best available.

Kyle's wondering if TCU is primed for an upset of our Longhorns. More on this later, but I think I'm in 54b's camp on this game: it's a lose-lose proposition, much like the scenario we were discussing last season when we thought we were headed to the Fiesta Bowl to play Boise State. If you win by a lot, you were supposed to. If you eek out a win, people quesiton if you're a dominant, title-caliber team. If you lose... God, let's not even talk about that.