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Morning Coffee Is Over 2008

Would you believe me if I told you that the recruitniks are now releasing rankings for 2009? ($) Of course you would. The non-stop recruiting world is always looking ahead, ahead, ahead, which means 2008 is practically old news. Weird, isn't it?

Mrs. O writes in to note Cat will be competing in the World Cup of Softball July 12-16 in Oklahoma City. No word yet which game(s) she'll pitch.

Elsewhere, Cat's newest Under Armour commercial is set to debut during the ESPY's July 15th. Cat is also attending the ESPN awards party.

EOB's got a terrific diary in which he plays coach for a day. His suggestion to get Charles the ball in the open field more is a good one and, I think, something that ought to happen rather naturally with this year's offense. Given Texas' personnel, a pass-oriented spread attack is something we're likely to see a lot of. Davis would be wise to use Charles out of the backfield as a receiving threat much the way Mike Leach uses his tailbacks at Texas Tech.

If you missed last night's EDSBS LIVE show, the rebroadcast is up for perusal. And start preparing now: next Tuesday is Phil Steele. I'm looking forward to asking him both about Colt McCoy and Tray Allen.

I'm away from the computer until this afternoon. Until then, have a good one.