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What They're Saying: Around the Blogosphere

MattH has some choice words for former Sooner J.D. Quinn. It's a strong take, though I did get a little giggle out of this line:

Going from Oklahoma to Montana really is like going from the penthouse to the outhouse...

Matt setting this one up on a tee for us.

My good friend T Kyle King has returned from vacation just in time to celebrate his two year anniversary blogging. I can't count how many times I've had great things to say about Kyle's blogging, and with his addition of MaconDawg as co-author in March of this year, the site is stronger than ever. Readers may take these milestones lightly, but as a fellow writer who knows the challenges of pumping out daily content, I offer my congratulations to Kyle. Those of you who also enjoy his writing are encouraged to do the same.

For once, I'm happy to say: Texas is close to slipping out of the Top 10.

A poster over at Orangebloods took it upon himself to grade Texas' players heading into 2007. ($) It's a fine assessment, except at the top, where he gives Colt McCoy a B+, with the following commentary:

I like Colt McCoy, I really do. I think he's going to be a good college quarterback for several years. However, I don't think last season is an indication that he will be a great college quarterback. There were many times last year where he came out smelling like a rose even though his actual play was not good. I think the coaching staff did a great job for the most part with putting him in positions to succeed and not forcing him to do heavy lifting.

There's some truth to the poster's claim if we were looking at, say, the first half of the season, but absolutely none if we look at Colt's body of work as a whole. The 2006 running game, which the poster laments merely one paragraph later, more or less disappeared, something Greg Davis clearly noticed. What did he do? He leaned (heavily) on McCoy. By the Alamo Bowl, Texas was Colt McCoy's team. The run game was an afterthought. We sank or swam with McCoy.

In any case, I couldn't disagree more strongly with that assessment. It's not just wrong; it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of this team's strengths.

There's a reason the Georgia corner of the sports blogosphere is second to none. Doug, take a bow.

This is way, way off topic, but absolutely must be shared. Long-time readers of this site know that my absolutely favorite sports blog anywhere is found at McCovey Chronicles. If you're unsure why, this post oughta clear things up for you. Grant is some sorta god.

Aggie football players as transformers? Yup.