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The Revolution Is Here, And We Recorded It

I'm about to advise you to go do something that requires a warning. Like, you know, when someone says "Do not try this at home"? Yeah - that kind of warning.

*First, definitely do this at home. You're not gonna want to be out in public/around anyone when you experience this.
*Second, try (as best you can) to prepare yourself. I'll say right now that You Are Not Ready, but no amount of warning will prepare you for the actual Experience.
*Third, confess your sins. Admit that you know nothing. Beg for forgiveness for being such a dimwit about college football.

Once you've done that, you might - might - be ready to handle the rebroadcast of tonight's radio show, in which Phil Steele takes all of us behind the woodshed and schools us for our lack of knowledge.

Seriously - dude's a walking encyclopedia, and no matter what we threw at him, he was more than prepared. We covered it all - ACC, Pac 10, SEC, WAC, even the Sun Belt. And, yes, of course - Texas.

So go have a listen to the rebroadcast. I probably shouldn't even mention this show, as you'll likely crawl back to BON whimpering, afraid and unsure. You may just find that I'm not worth your time.

It's a risk I'll have to take.

(Steele wasn't able to join us until about a half hour into the program, so if you're hunting for the man, let the show download and then fast forward to about 30 minutes in.)

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