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Crystle Stewart Is Crowned Miss Texas 2008

You can thank 54b for this post, by the way. I mean, really, what are the odds that we cover the Miss Texas 2008 pageant if Cory doesn't drop a pageant reference into each of his last 100+ comments.

If you haven't saluted him lately, then today's your day, 'cause without his perserverence, this news item slips right under our radar.

As it is, Miss Texas 2008 caught our attention this year. The competition, which aired Sunday night across the state between 8:00 and 10:00 PM, crowned the state's most delightful debutant, who will compete for the Miss USA title next year.

Your Texas beauty queen for 2008 is Crystle Stewart, a lovely 25 year old student at the University of Houston. Without question, this is a post that requires pictures, so, to the MS Paint board we go:

Judging from the above, it's no surprise the young lady was voted "Most Photogenic" prior to the competition. On Sunday, though, she got the Big prize - Miss Texas. Congratulations to her and may she represent us well at the national event in '08.

When she wins Miss USA, I hope she thanks 54b for his role in her rise to the top.

FYI: if Ms. Stewart should have an unfortunate fall from grace and have to give up her tiara, Texas beauty pageant fans can rest easy knowing that this year's runner up is hardly lacking in qualifications.

Brooke Daniels, Runner Up