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Community Projection: Jamaal Charles

It's time to get started on a collaborative project here at BON - community projections. We'll go through the roster and take a crack at finding a community consensus on a given player's 2007 production.

Along with projecting his numbers, feel free to include a comment on why you're going with the number that you are. The hope is that, as we talk out the numbers on various players, we'll iron out the expectations for the upcoming season.

We start the fun with Jamaal Charles - an appropriate guinea pig for our first community projection because the opinion on him is so varied. Some think he's on the brink of an award-winning season; others worry that he's not physical enough to be a between the tackles runner.

I'm still an optimist with Charles, and think he (and the offense as a whole) suffered from the inevitable adjustment pains (Life After VY). I like Charles' chances this year to crack 1,000 yards, and I think he'll flourish as Texas' primary back. He and Selvin weren't the ideal complementary parts. I see Charles improving on his 2006 numbers, though I don't know that he can match his freshman season production in terms of yards per carry.

2007 projection: 195 carries, 1,150 yards, 11 touchdowns

Your turn in the comments below.