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Community Projections: Chris Ogbonnaya and Vondrell McGee

Ogbonnaya or McGee? McGee or Ogbonnaya? If the debate over how good Charles can be is a hot topic among Longhorn fans, this question might be the more important one. Which among these two tailbacks will play Thunder to Charles' Lightning? And will there be a heavy complement to Charles?

I suspect that both these guys will get opportunities to prove themselves capable sidekicks to Charles. In fact, if Texas jumps out to an early big lead against Arkansas State, I'm sure we'll see Charles head to the sidelines and both Ogbonnaya and McGee get their chance to shine.

So, which one do you like more? Have you seen enough to draw any firm conclusions?

There's a lot of buzz surrounding McGee this summer, and he's flashed some real promise in his public scrimmage appearances. Ogbonnaya is more of a known commodity, though I, for one, believe he's got a lot more potential than many realize. I'll say it one more time: I see some Priest Holmes in Chris Ogbonnaya. That is, of course, a very good thing.

This is as hard a set of projections as we're going to work through, but we'll give it our best shot nonetheless. Your blog author gets the first crack:

Chris Ogbonnaya: 85 carries, 430 yards, 8 TD

Vondrell McGee: 75 carries, 300 yards, 2 TD

Your turn.