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UPDATE: Lee Jennings Is A Baylor Bear

Of all the WTF moments I've experienced since I started this blog, this has to rank right up there at the top. Lee Jennings, the "Texas fan" at the end of the Texas NCAA 2008 commercial is an LA-based actor who graduated from Baylor University. His name? Toby Meuli.

We didn't believe this at first, either, but BearMeat confirmed this via email with the actor, while digging up both his Baylor theater page and IMDB profile.

Meuli emailed the BearMeat editors:

In Baylor-Baptist fashion, I must openly confess that it is me in the Texas EA Sports commercial. Putting on that burnt orange shirt after spending four years despising the Horns has been my greatest acting challenge to date. Here's to the day when I can do an EA Sports commercial for Baylor Football. Sic'em.

Also, you'll like this, Matt Leinart shot his EA commercial the same day I did and we shared a dressing room. He was an incredibly nice guy and we swapped some losing-to-Texas stories; I think he hates them more than I do.

Confirmations abound: A Baylor grad is "Lee Jennings" and Matt Leinart's still wearing panties about the Rose Bowl.

And then there's EA Sports, or whatever advertising agency they hired to put together these spots. They had a commercial. They needed a Longhorn fan at the end. Said Longhorn fan needed to say about six words. While standing there in an orange shirt.

And they hired a Baylor grad.

It's sorta understandable given that there are only about 3,000,000 graduates from the University, and probably only 65,000 in the LA area. Still...