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Michigan, Notre Dame Seeking Opponent; Texas In The Mix?

Two readers emailed me this morning with links to this story noting that both the Wolverines and Fighting Irish are seeking opponents for the 2010 and 2011 seasons. I've beaten the "please schedule tougher" horse to death by now, so I won't take the podium for that particular lecture again.

Instead, a quiet sigh of resignation as I note our current schedules for both seasons in question:

You really think Deloss/Mack are going to go out of their way to set up back-to-back weeks with UCLA-Michigan/Notre Dame?


Update [2007-7-25 11:13:30 by HornsFan]: I failed to notice there's already a diary on this topic. Looks like Notre Dame's taking on OU. Doubt it'd happen, but it sure would be nice to get Michigan on the schedule.