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Texas Players Gush About Chizik. Sort Of.

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I've got a Google Alerts subscription for Longhorns news, which means about a half dozen emails a day with various headlines from around the country. I don't click through most of them - they're often stories about something I've already read about and/or covered.

Sometimes, though, the headlines grab you. Like this one today:

Curious, I checked out the DesMoines Register story, and was more than a little surprised by the "glowing" reviews.

"Coach Chizik is a great man, and a good father," [Derek] Lokey said. "He loved to be around his kids, and they were always at the fieldhouse. We miss him."


"He wouldn't have to yell and get in your face," Lokey recalled. "But he knew the things to say to get you amped up."

Chizik's tactics were part of Texas' run to the national title in 2005. He also helped Auburn go undefeated as an assistant coach in 2004.

"I feel like Chizik is a man you'd be proud to say you're involved with," said Frank Okam, another defensive lineman. "He was a great coach, but a better man."

Okam also remembers watching Chizik's son, Cally, hanging with the Longhorns during practices.

"(Chizik) wasn't shy about brining his family around," Okam said. "He lets you know that this is his pride and his joy."

And that's it. Those are your glowing reviews.  I mean, they are glowing quotes, but they sure as hell don't speak to Chizik's capabilities as a football coach. My conclusion from the article? If I want a guy to mentor me on parenting, I know who to ask.