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Morning Coffee Is Ready For The Weekend

Just a few quick hitters before I'm out for the day.

40 Acre Sports has your 10-Step Guide to Getting the Most out of the 2007 Season. Number one - "Be a Texas fan" - is advice we can relate to.

Mack Brown's Big 12 Media Day press transcript is now available for perusal, as he and his assistants retreat today for a three-day off campus pow-wow to discuss the state of the team heading into fall practices. On the agenda: backup tailback, backup quarterback, and the offensive line.

Chip Brown posts an article on the kickoff rule change which will move the ball back five yards to the 30 yard line. I gotta agree with the coaches on this: the impact might be one of the most noticable changes of the year. One more reason to like the Larry MacDuff hire - special teams expertise.

The Houston Chronicle's Terrance Harris has a nice piece on returning Big 12 quarterbacks. As noted here many times before, I think the inexperience at quarterback across the conference in 2006 was one of the reasons why the Big 12 just wasn't very strong last year. I like for increased experience and improved play to make the Big 12 a much more competitive league in '07.

Also at the Chronicle, Joseph Duarte's been busy filing notes to his blog - so many that singling out one doesn't make any sense. Browse the whole thing for lots of tidbits from Big 12 media week.