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OU President David Boren Lies, Lies, Lies

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This has been mentioned by PHF on a couple occasions, but it's been buried in other threads each time. University of Oklahoma President David Boren recently spouted off to the media about women's basketball coach Sherri Coale following the $250,000 raise he gave her.

Not content with simply noting his desire to pay her more, Boren brought the Longhorns into the mix. Take it away, Davie:

"They offered quite a bit more money than she was making, and she turned them down," Boren said.

"When people do things like that voluntarily all the time for you, you shouldn't just take them for granted, because she could have gone to Texas for more money than even this contract. She more than deserves what we're doing and we're just trying to send a signal of how much we appreciate her," Boren said.

The only problem? Texas never contacted Coale about the UT job, and certainly didn't make any kind of offer. Confronted about this, Boren began backpedaling:

"I did not ever assert that Sherri Coale was offered any other job. I made a general statement that Sherri Coale, if she would allow herself to be considered, would have many opportunities to go other places. I noted as only an example that the new Texas coach was offered a much higher salary than Sherri Coale now receives. My statements were clearly misinterpreted. My point was she could have numerous opportunities if she would allow herself to be considered, but she is very loyal to OU."

Misinterpreted you, Dave? Look, maybe in Oklahoma - where half your constituency is illiterate - you can get away with that kind of spin, but to the rest of the world, what you call a misinterpretation we call a lie.

It's one thing for our rival fanbases to get stuck in over-obsessing with the University of Texas. But even the school president tells tall tales about UT? That's just embarrassing.