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Morning Coffee

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th with family and friends. Not much Texas news to report these days, but we'll keep plugging away as we get through the summer and transition to football season.

As noted in the diaries, the Associated Press is reporting that Durant has signed with the Sonics. He'll make about $3.5 million each season, while the team will hold options on each of a third and fourth year. Rookie salaries are necessarily lower than others, though both of Durant's option years will pay him big money. Of course, they all pale in comparison to the money he's going to get from his endorsements.

If you missed Tuesday night's edition of EDSBS Live, you can check out the rebroadcast. Things got a little bit rowdy, with me telling Bruce Feldman at one point to: "Say it like you wanna f@#* a pig!"

And since there's absolutely no Texas news to speak of right now, a YouTube clip you might enjoy. International dunk contests gone awry!