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The Rest of the Vault

Alright, Kahuna.  You asked for it, you got it.

Your Friday sendoff: the rest of the K-State vault. Kanu is right, of course - this stuff is best enjoyed after snorting as much molly as you can get your paws on.

So grab a glowstick, two bottles of orange juice, and a pacifier - and go get that cute secretary you've been meaning to flirt with to come down the hall and run her hands through your hair.

Act I: "Our Hero Finds His Calling: The Birth Of A YouTube Legend"

Act II: "The Mocking Of the White Jayhawk: In Search of Snowcoat"

Act III: "The Grand Finale: El Chupa Pelicula"

Have a great weekend, Longhorn fans. Good luck with the nightmare fuel...