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Retire Vince Young's Jersey

Caradoc first asked and 54b laid out many of the relevant questions: should Kevin Durant's #35 jersey be retired?

Honestly, though, from my perspective this one's an easy one. Retire Durant's jersey. Texas has always retired the jersey of POY winners, and shouldn't stop now.

The relevant question has nothing to do with KD; it has to do with Vince. The University of Texas needs to retire VY's jersey, and soon. He was the best player in college football in 2005 - who gives a damn if the Heisman Trophy voters didn't recognize it until after the Rose Bowl, when it was too late?

Maybe the bigger question is whether Texas' whole "policy" makes any sense at all. Why place jersey retirement in the hands of the press, for crying out loud? Do national awards voters in Oregon really need to have a say in whether or not Vince Young's jersey gets retired? Because they do.

The Texas athletics department, normally beholden to no one, should scrap this ridiculous policy and retire any damn number it pleases. They can use the national awards as a guiding rule of thumb, but to be tethered to it is absurd. Retire that outdated policy so we can retire Vince Young's jersey.

Update [2007-7-6 11:19:26 by HornsFan]: I hadn't seen this until a few moments ago, but Cedric Golden has a column by the same title in today's paper.