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Morning Coffee Limps Back To The Keyboard

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Some apologies to the readers for my disappearance is probably in order, but I'm afraid a public apology of a different sort is in order.

I've always prided myself on the way that I treat the people that I care about. I've developed a huge base of friends in my life by treating people the right way and acting in a way that I would want others to treat me. This weekend, I let somebody down in a big way. I broke their trust. I lied.

That's maybe life's most painful sin - whether you're dishonest with a family member, girlfriend, friend, or yourself.

So let me take this chance to apologize publicly. You deserved better than that from me. I'm deeply sorry.

And yeah, you too readers - apologies for the silence. Even more fallout from the crappiness of the weekend. The only good thing about making big mistakes is that they help put in perspective the things which are important to you, and what you have to do to be the person you want to be. We all have our flaws, I suppose, but mine took center stage this weekend.

The sports world stops for no one, of course, so let's get to it. I spent some time on YouTube this weekend and stumbled across the single best Texas YouTube page I've seen to date.

I encourage you to visit the whole archives, but I'm posting my favorite - the hands down best 2005 tribute video I've seen yet. For one thing, the video editor elects to use the score from Crimson Tide as his opening musical backdrop - simply perfect for matters of submarines, war, and football. (The music is composed by Hans Zimmer, who also put together the soundtrack for Backdraft, another wildly underutilized score for pump up videos. Anyway, enjoy.)

One of my favorite qualities in a sports blogger is a decided ability to credit other teams when it's deserved. A hat tip to Brian Grummell for setting aside his fandom of the Trojans to tear down the LA Times' "Texas was lucky" piece. That's just good blogging.

Fans of EA Sports' "NCAA Football" series can get a sneak peek at some of the early ratings from the '08 version, including the game's Top 25 and key personnel ratings.

The 'Horns check in at #5, with three players' ratings revealed: Frank Okam (97), Limas Sweed (93), and Jamaal Charles (91). DKR rates as the 8th toughest stadium for road teams to visit.

And last, we're getting sorta-kinda-a-little-bit close to football season: even with the record rain in Austin, the North End Zone is coming together. Despite the weather, Texas officials expect the project to be completed in plenty of time for Arkansas State.