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Countdown To Football Season: 31 Days

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Our daily countdown to the return of Texas football continues with yet another reason to love the fall in Austin.

Were any of us calling for #31 to win the Thorpe Award prior to last season? Heck no we weren't. Nobody was. In fact, most of us thought Tarrell Brown was primed to be the star cornerback for the season.

It didn't work out that way, of course, and though Ross did have himself one heck of a great season, the pass defense was an abysmal failure overall. Statistically, Texas can't do much worse in 2007. Even losing three starters to the NFL Draft, the Longhorns almost have to improve the numbers from a year ago.

And who knows? Maybe one of these young kids (I'm looking at you, Chykie Brown) winds up becoming the Next Great Cornerback at Texas.