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Book Update

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I posted a general update on the book distribution in the Diaries, but after digging around for answers to various questions, I can give a more thorough update of where to get a copy of the book. - Amazon had a glitch in their computer system which caused their site to reflect an October shipping date for the books. This is not accurate. Maple Street Press has worked through the problem with Amazon and books are expected to resume shipping in the next two days. If you ordered one from Amazon, it'll arrive within a week. That's been assured. If you go to order one now, you can ignore any message about October shipping - the books are in stock and will ship within a couple days.

Maple Street Press - You can order a copy directly from the press and it'll ship immediately.

Austin - Austin readers can pick up books at a number of local retailers. Book People, the UT Co-Op, Barnes and Noble, and Borders all have copies of the book on shelves.

Dallas, San Antonio, Houston - Barnes and Noble and Borders should already have copies on the shelves.

Statewide - About 1,000 copies of the book were purchased by a distributor in San Antonio for distribution on news stands around the state. Because they want to protect their selling interests, they don't tell us which stands they're selling to, but that means a bunch of copies of the book are floating around across the state on various news stands. You may come across one at a news stand in Hastings, for example.

If anyone is having problems with an order and aren't getting the answers they need from the various distributors, please feel free to email me and I'll help you work through it.

Thanks, again, to all who've purchased, or plan to purchase, a copy. I can assure you that you'll enjoy all the material in the book.

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