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Morning Coffee

Mack Brown's presser script is up and has some interesting tidbits:

*Greg Smith came to the coaches and, citing depth at tight end and lack of depth on the offensive line, asked to switch positions. The coaches let him work out with the linemen and are going to give him a chance to make the move.

*The team is using an interesting new pill that allows coaches to measure a player's body temperature quickly and effectively. With the heat index in the 104-106 range, overheating is a big concern, even with practice getting underway at 7 PM. Mack notes that three of Texas' first four games are home tilts at 6 PM, but that the UCF road game will be a 3:30 kickoff. Orlando is even hotter than Austin right now.

*As we head into the weekend, the pads are coming on and the team is moving into full speed contact drills. Henry Melton and Sergio Kindle, suspended for the first three games of the year, have rejoined the team for practices and will add pads on Sunday.

*The freshman offensive linemen are working out well and, according to Mack, will actually play this year. Aundre McGasky and Michael Huey are working out at guard. Kyle Hix and Tray Allen are practicing at tackle.

*The idea that Texas runs better out of the I-Formation is a myth. According to Brown, the Longhorns were more effective running out of the shotgun.

OU tailback Allen Patrick missed Thursday's practice with a sprained ankle. The extent of the injury has not been reported - if it's a high ankle sprain, problems could carry over into the season.

Sometimes, we get a little carried away with our analysis. We go on and on about matchups, psychological battles, historical trends, and the rest. Sometimes, though, simple is better.

(HT: BevoSports)