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Book Excerpt: A Conversation With Duane Akina and Larry MacDuff

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We'll launch into the weekend with a couple bits of news on the book.

*First, the problems with Amazon have been resolved. Books are shipping, the order page is correct, etc.

*Second, if you get Sporting News Radio in your area, or on Sirius, or like to listen online, I'll be on the air to talk about the book and Longhorns football at around 4:20 PM Central tomorrow.

*Third, Austin-area readers can join me, Chip Brown, and Geoff Ketchum at BookPeople (6th and Lamar) at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, August 15th. We'll talk a bit about the book and the upcoming season before opening the floor to questions.

And last - for those who haven't laid eyes on the book yet, after the jump I've got the first two pages of my interview with Duane Akina and Larry MacDuff.

Eyes of Texas 2007 online ordering info: Amazon / Maple Street Press.

Jump to book excerpt.