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VY's Greatest Hits

This is the kind of project us BONers live for: an all-time Vince Young greatest plays list. A fellow writer has asked me to help compile the complete list of VY's best plays, a task we're more than up for here at BON.

Here's what we've got so far off the top of our heads - fill in the rest as you recall your favorite VY moments.

  1. 4th and 5 to win the national title game
  1. Scramble against Houston Texans to win in overtime
  1. Fourth down and 12 against the NY Giants to get a first down en route to a 21 point comeback
  1. Long scramble to end the half with a touchdown against the Bills
  1. Touchdown pass to Sweed at Ohio State
  1. The entire game against Oklahoma State when he ran for over 200 yards
  1. Scramble against the Pats for a touchdown
  1. 4th and 30 scramble against Kansas to keep Texas' 2004 Rose Bowl dreams alive
  1. Entire Rose Bowl against Michigan (192 yards rushing, 4 TDs, 180 passing, TD)

Other big plays/games?