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Come Talk Texas Football Tonight At BookPeople

Apologies for the lack of posting this morning - I've been working non-stop getting my life into my car. I'll be leaving for South Bend tomorrow, via Baton Rouge, Atlanta, and Lexington (KY). It's gonna be a fun trip, but right now, I'm swamped getting everything together. I'll try to get a notes post up this afternoon.

Before I hit the road tomorrow morning, I'll be closing my time in Austin with a book launch event at BookPeople tonight at 7:00 PM. Any readers in the Austin area are invited to come out and join me, Geoff Ketchum, and Chip Brown as we preview the '07 season and take audience questions.

As for BON, our good friends at 40 Acre Sports will be providing content between now and next Tuesday, when I hope to be back online.

Hope to see some of y'all at BookPeople tonight.

BookPeople Eyes of Texas 2007 event details.