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To Buy or Not to Buy?

Probably the most important decision for the upcoming weekend is whether or not to buy Madden 08. First, a bit of background about us. One of us plays video games and one of us does not. Coincidentally, one of us has a girlfriend while the other does not. The video game nut got an XBOX-360 a few months ago, owns Madden 07 and just bought a big screen HD-TV in time for football season. The one with a girlfriend still thinks Tecmo Super Bowl is the best football video game ever.  So we put it to you, the readers of BON, whether or not we should buy Madden 08.

The way we see it, the pros are:
VY on cover
Saints will be good unlike 07 (remember we're huge Saints fans)
Updated game play will be awesome on the new TV

And the cons:
Take away from NCAA Football 2008 time
Already own Madden 2007
$60 could be spent on finding girlfriend

Thanks for your help...Next important decision: The Simpsons Season 10