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Morning Corn Flakes

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To those of you logging on to BON today looking forward to another intelligent, thought-provoking piece from Peter...we're sorry. We'll be your guest bloggers until Monday. Sit back and enjoy your ride through the second to last weekend of the offseason.

Kyle Russell is officially returning to Texas, saying that "you'll have to see my lanky (rear end) for another year." With Russell's return there should be no excuse for Texas not reaching the CWS in 2008. But, on the other hand, a lot of crazy stuff can happen once the tournament gets going.  So to Augie we say: no pressure!

Those of you that have been following us since our beginning (probably just the two of us and our moms) know that we don't love Pete Prisco and he doesn't love VY. So we aren't suprised when Pete writes something like this:

"The Titans allowed Steve McNair to get away with a lot of things when he was the quarterback. He was never the hardest worker, according to team insiders. Young has that same reputation, so he has to nip it in the bud. Young has to take more pride in working to be a better player. It takes hard work. It takes time. Some Titans insiders insist that his success -- overrated at that -- last season as a rookie could be a bad thing. Cockiness and arrogance are how great talents never reach their potential. Here's hoping Young comes to his senses."

VY not a hard worker? Cocky? Arrogant?

You can read our opinions on Prisco here and here. Now, we agree with Peter's essay regarding the senselessness of bloggers ripping on mainstream media types just for the sake of ripping on mainstream media types.  But defending Vince's honor against Pete Prisco is like shooting fish in a barrel. Particularly since we have never seen the guy write anything positive about any African American quarterback. ("Defending Vince's honor?" That's awfully close to unhealthy hero worship.)

Limas Sweed sprained his wrist in practice yesterday morning...will this offseason never end?

Finally, we believe that the greatest line ever uttered on a cinematic gridiron is: "OK boys, let's put the women and children to bed and go looking for some (freakin') dinner!"  Of course, this big screen gold comes from quarterback Joe Kane in the ESU huddle during the season opener against Mississippi State in The Program.  In hopes of getting the adrenaline pumping for the fast-approaching beginning of the season, let's start a conversation in the comments section.  Post your favorite on-field football movie moment.