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Don't Look Now, But...

One of the best things about this time of year is that, after months in the wilderness, we get an enormous amount of entertainment from the sports world rushing at us all at once.  Not only is football season so close we can taste it, but the montonous summer has set the stage for a fantastic finish to the Major League Baseball season.  This is shaping up to be, quite possibly, the greatest pennant chase in recent memory.  Here are the relevant standings entering Friday (with Games Back):

AL East
New York Yankees 5.5

AL Central
Cleveland 0.5
Minnesota 6.5

AL West
LA Angels
Seattle 3.5

AL Wild Card
New York Yankees 0.5
Cleveland 1
Toronto 6

NL East
New York Mets
Philadelphia 3
Atlanta 3.5

NL Central
Chicago Cubs 0.5
St. Louis 2.5

NL West
San Diego 3
Colorado 6

NL Wild Card
San Diego
Philadelphia 1
Atlanta 1.5
Colorado 3
LA Dodgers 3.5
Chicago Cubs 4

Now, obviously this is not necessarily indicative of great baseball being played. But it does show a level of parity that has been missing from baseball in recent years and it's refreshing to see.  The recent success of the NFL has taught us that the more cities with fans who have legitimate postseason hopes, the better. Entering Friday, 16 teams were within 4 games of a playoff spot.  That is going to make for a very exciting stretch run.

Our two favorite teams are the Red Sox and Cardinals.  So, we get to participate in the frenzy that is a pennant chase once again.  But this would be an especially incredible run if the Cards were to manage to squeeze into September.  We have been a bit frustrated at times this season, along with the rest of Cardinal Nation. But to have overcome a plethora of injuries, the death of pitcher Josh Hancock, and the lack of much starting pitching at all to be in the thick of the race is pretty special.  Granted, they are ONLY in the race because they play in baseball's worst division, but they're in it nonetheless.

How does any of this relate to Texas football?  It's simple.  A really fun finish to the baseball season is one of the best things imaginable for a college football fan.  After we get the rush of seeing the Longhorns play their first game (or at least their first play; Arkansas State tends to get real boring real fast), it's another week before they take the field again.  Rather than spend all week desperately trying to find an article we haven't read or a talking head we haven't heard, we can watch the pennant chase--actual, live sports between Saturdays. What a great country.