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Morning Corn Flakes

A big day to discuss a number of sports stories today. First off, we've always thought that PJ Tucker probably made the right call to go pro when he did, even if things didn't work out. To quote Shawshank, he had to either get busy livin' or get busy dying. Well, PJ pops back onto our radar today as a member of the defending Israeli national league regular season champion, Hapoel Holon. You can see the proof here.

You may remember Emmanuel Moody as the Texan who committed to Texas, only to decommit in order to attend USC. Had we been blogging at the time, we probably would have called that a dumb decision as USC is loaded with young talent at running back. Apparently one season at USC was enough for Moody who will be transferring, the same week that he appeared on the cover of SI. Nicely done, Emmanuel.

You probably didn't see last night's MNF broadcast of Chiefs-Dolphins preseason football, and we don't blame you because it was preseason MNF on a Thursday night. A lot of football blogs have chimed in recently about the new MNF broadcast crew and we wanted to mention how much of an improvement Ron Jaworski is to the booth. Jaworski has a great rapport with Tony Kornheiser, who we've always loved and wanted to succeed in that role. Jaworski keeps Kornheiser focused on football but is also able to joke around about other topics. Sure it was a preseason broadcast but for such an important show to seem successful after many years of failure is a great sign.

Finally, we've been dreading today for over a month as today is Dan Patrick's last day at ESPN. In his honor we present our favorite SportsCenter commercial, from a time when the show didn't suck.