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Morning Corn Flakes

A totally NFL preseason Corn Flakes this morning. First, VY was pretty atrocious in his first preseason action last night, going 5-17 and getting sacked 4 times. On the positive side Bo Scaife caught 3 balls for 69 yards. It's only preseason, we're not worried about VY.

The Vikings scored 4 touchdowns in a 37-20 win over the Jets last night, including 3 by the defense. Notably Adrian Peterson looked good (8 carries, 70 yards and a TD) which doesn't surprise us in the least. More importantly, Brian Robison picked up a fumble in the third quarter for a touchdown. Good for him.
Apparently the Atlanta Humane Society is using donated Michael Vick jerseys to clean kennels and for bedding. You can read that story here, and that's all we're gonna say about that.

Finally, the Saints return to action tonight against the Bengals. The game isn't any TV channel we get and apparently a guy named Matt Baker will be getting the majority of minutes for the Who Dats. Just no injuries and we'll be happy. Have a good Saturday.