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Our Review of 'The Eyes of Texas 2007'

Since we have the keys to Peter's website we figured that we should talk about his book, and since there are no reviews yet on (where are you, readers of BON?), we thought we'd offer our thoughts up here. You should feel free to leave your own review in the comments section. So, much like Lisa Simpson giving an expose on Jebediah Springfield to the masses of Springfield, we begin.

Peter calls the book a "fantastic opportunity to bring some of the most preeminent Longhorn writers together in one place." Assuming that meant stuff from our blog, we read on excitedly. Sadly, 'The Eyes of Texas 2007' contains nothing from our site.

Despite this incredible oversight, The Eyes is a fun read. At just over 100 pages it is long enough to provide lots of entertainment while being short enough to get through for people with incredibly short attention spans like us. It contains lots of pictures of VY which remind us how awesome VY was/is, as well as a picture of Ramonce Taylor, which reminds us of something completely different.

Without giving away the fact that we haven't finished it yet, the parts we've read so far nicely combine blogging humor with the type of legitimate info you'd expect to find in a paper book.

So, in conclusion, when we think of Longhorn football we think of two things: 11 AM kickoffs in 100 degree heat on FSN, and the Mack Brown stance. The only thing better than reading this book (featuring the Mack Brown stance on the cover) would be reading it hungover at 10:45 AM from a boiling DKR during football season wondering why you got out of bed and also wondering where the hell the rest of the students are.

Oh, we're also looking forward to the royalties we expect to get from Peter for pimping the book.