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Other Greatest Hits

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Earlier in the week PB presented his VY Greatest Hits which served as a great reminder of how awesome Vince Young was/is. We thought we'd build on that concept (read: "steal that idea") by listing a few greatest plays and performances from some of our other favorite recent and current players.

Ced B:

  1. '04 versus Okie St (23 carries, 142 yards, 5 tds in our most memorable home game as students--the greatest comeback we've ever seen)
  1. '03 versus Nebraska (28 carries, 179 yards, 3 tds in the game that really gave rise to the zone-read)
  1. '03 versus A&M (35 carries, 289 yards, 4 tds)

Roy Williams:

  1. 54 yard grab from just-off-the-bench Chance Mock versus Texas Tech on the game-winning drive in '03
  1. '03 versus LSU in Cotton Bowl (1 carry, 39 yards, 4 catches, 142 yards, 2 tds)
  1. '02 versus Nebraska (13 catches, 161 yards, 2 tds)

Nathan Vasher:

  1. Interception versus Nebraska in '02 which saved the game
  1. UT-Record 173 punt return yards against Baylor en route to a UT-Record 554 punt return yards on the 2001 season.
  1. Interception versus A&M in '03 which tied Nate for the UT career record

Limas Sweed:

  1. Falling backward, just inside the endzone, over-the-head, ohmygodishegonnamakethecatch?! TD catch against Ohio St in '05
  1. 2006 season, wherein Limas tied his idol Roy Williams for the UT single-season record with 12 TD catches.
  1. Great grab against Baylor in '05

Derrick Johnson:

  1. Sack of Reggie McNeal in '04
  1. Forced fumble against OU in '04 (Best moment from an otherwise dreadful day)
  1. The 2002 and 2003 seasons, when DJ showed he could play finesse defense too by tying the UT record for most interceptions by a linebacker in a single season with 4.  Both seasons.

Please feel free to add your favorite moments from these or other players in the Comments section.  We're under 2 weeks!