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Morning Coffee

I was out with SMQ last night and was telling him that ESPN now has embeddable video clips available. Paragon beat me to it over in the Diaries,  posting a clip of Vince Young's scuffle in Titans camp yesterday.

The ESPN video is pretty spiffy, and a welcome development. Going to YouTube for clips has been fun and all, but having embeddable sports highlights that I can get right from the source would be even better.

Anyone who's been in central Texas this year knows that we've been hit with a record amount of rainfall. Despite the weather obstacles, Texas athletics officials insist the north end zone expansion will be completed on time. Crews are working around the clock to get things finished by September 1st.

The San Antonio Express News' Jeff McDonald has a story on Sergio Kindle and his chances of starting the season opener. According to McDonald, it wasn't likely even before the arrest because - as a team coach told him - Robert Killebrew's senior leadership was valued too highly. McDonald doesn't go so far as to rule out Kindle starting the season opener, but I will. Hell, I'd be shocked if Kindle were even in uniform for the season opener.

The only thing missing from McDonald's report, though, is mention of Roddrick Muckelroy. Kindle's still flying around the field, running himself out of plays, and may not be ready to start, period. But I'm not so sure that the coaches will be able to keep Muckelroy off the field. And, you know what? If Killebrew's even half the senior leader that the coaches reportedly believe he is, he would gladly accept a reserve role. We'll see.

Briefly: NBA basketball as jazz. Kevin Durant as John Coltrane. Interesting... Coach Fran says the Aggies will schedule a big name team every year... Rivals reports that super LB prospect Lynn Katoa visited Austin yesterday ($). No word yet on how it went.