Arrest Warrant Issued for Andre Jones

Bumped from the diaries. UN_believable. --PB-- is reporting that an arrest warrant has been issued for freshman defensive tackle Andre Jones. Apparently he was part of the robbery with former Longhorn Robert Joseph.

When will all this end? Doesn't Mack Brown go after "character" guys? This season is not starting out too well.

Update [2007-8-2 16:8:40 by HornsFan]: From the Statesman entry:

The arrest warrant accuses Jones of being with a man known as "N.O." or New Orleans. The warrant said the two broke into an apartment in East Austin, with N.O. pointing a gun at one of the occupants as well as a 14-year-old. N.O. asked for several items, including cell phones and gaming equipment.

I'm beyond stunned at this point. I'm angry. As are a lot of Longhorn fans. We've been able to crow for years about the good kids Mack Brown was bringing through Austin, but this is just pitiful. If the alleged charges are true, Jones needs to be kicked off the team for good, of course. But more than that, Mack Brown has some serious questions to answer. For all the talk of avoiding "red flag" recruits, the Robert Joseph and Andre Jones arrests are particularly stunning. (PB)

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